Things With Wheels Are Meant to Move, No?


I met some fellow coworkers at Hudson Business Lounge downtown Milwaukee today on a $25 day pass.  I’ve been a member in the past but haven’t been there in over a year.  I sat down and realized that the four of us wouldn’t fit at the table because of that awkward power outlet under the one chair.  I decided to move the table so that it was centered between the chairs.

This is when it all went wrong.

As I started to push on the end on the right pictured above, I realized quickly that physics (as I knew it) wasn’t working right.  Instead of the table top moving parallel to the floor, it started to nose dive forward.  Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my shin and saw my Kleen Kanteen coffee cup rocket off the table and onto the floor.  The two MacBook Pros looked at me in horror as they gripped on for dear life with the 34 cent rubber pads under them.

Thankfully the MacBook Pros stayed put and only one got kissed with a splash of coffee + soy milk.

That’s about when I realized the table top wasn’t actually affixed TO ITS LEGS.

Table modified

Coincidentally this meshes well wish my previous post about not assuming things were done correctly in the past.  Just because something looks like it works right doesn’t mean it actually does.

The best part is the guy working front desk told me to not feel bad, it’s happened before.



I was apparently feeling philosophical the other day and posted two tweets about dealing with systems architecture.  They generally apply to life as well, so I’m posting them here on my blog so I don’t forget them.

Just because something was done a certain way, doesn’t mean it was done right and even if it was done right at the time it may be wrong now.

Never fear asking questions and challenging even yourself.

Wax on, wax off.

Systems Philosophy

1 year work anniversary

One Year at Automattic

Today marks my one year anniversary with Automattic.  I work with some awesome people and it’s been a rewarding first year.  I’ve had challenges to face (my attention for one), fun speaking at conferences, shipped a number of improvements and new features of WordPress for iOS, and learned a ton of new things.  I’m excited to experience my next year here!


Authentication improvements for testing your apps

Aaron Douglas:

Developers interested in contributing to the WordPress mobile apps can now connect to WordPress.com with their own account. More details to follow on how to set up the individual projects.

Originally posted on Developer Resources:

We’ve just made it easier for developers to authenticate and test API calls with their own applications.

As the client owner, you can now authenticate with the passwordgrant_type, allowing you to skip the authorization step of authenticating, and logging in with your WordPress.com username and password. You can also gain the globalscope so that you no longer need to request authentication for each blog you wish to test your code with.

This is especially useful to contributors of the WordPress Android and iOS apps, which previously required special whitelisting on our part.

Here’s an example of how you can get started with using both these features:

Note that if you are using 2-step authentication (highly recommended) you will need to create an application password to be able to use the passwordgrant_type.

$curl = curl_init( "https://public-api.wordpress.com/oauth2/token" );
curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_POST, true );
curl_setopt( $curl, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, array(

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Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Calendar + Google Sync Problems

On occasion my Calendar on Mavericks gets hosed when syncing with Google.  If I look in the console, I see errors like the following mentioning “An error exists on principal”:

6/5/14 10:05:00.337 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [iCloud]]
6/5/14 10:05:00.338 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [Time Off]]
6/5/14 10:05:00.340 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [Events]]
6/5/14 10:05:00.341 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [Launch]]
6/5/14 10:05:00.341 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [Conferences]]
6/5/14 10:05:00.342 AM Calendar[59555]: [com.apple.calendar.ui.log] [An error exists on principal: [Some Team]]

Hitting Command-R in calendar results in it sitting on Updating for some time (minutes?) and then an exclamation point appearing next to the calendars in question.  I finally found a solution to fix it until the next time it happens.  I’m not sure what the actual cause is but this can get you back up & running.

  1. Close the Calendar app.
  2. Go into System Preferences.
  3. Click on Internet Accounts.
  4. Click on the Google account (if you have multiple you may have to do this for each).
  5. Uncheck “Calendars”.
  6. Click Show All or close preferences.
  7. Open Terminal.app (Applications > Utilities)
  8. type: killall -9 CalendarAgent
  9. type exit or close the window.
  10. Go back into System Preferences and turn Calendar back on for the Google Account(s).
  11. Start up Calendar and hit command-R – everything should refresh properly.

Let me know if you have questions!


I posted a while back about what I’ve been doing to lose weight.


I was my heaviest last year around September 2013 at 277lb (125kg).  I started on my ADD meds around October and stopped taking a medication for my cluster headaches that was causing weight gain as well.  You can see the drop but then around end of January I came off the meds.  The weight hopped back up for a bit but I dug deep and kept my exercise a bit more regular.  So far I’m down 40lb!  I don’t really have any goal in mind other than to reach at least 235lb which the lightest I’ve been for the past five years.

This summer I’ve been able to get on my bicycle and ride with my partner around our campground and neighborhood.  He’s been getting more active as well which is great!  Having the Nike Fuelband and Withings Scale has been great at tracking my progress and keeping me motivated.  I also use RunKeeper still to track my workouts which feeds calories burned into MyFitnessPal.  I’m also pretty consistently doing step aerobics at home during the week using Jenny Ford’s awesome videos.  I recommend taking a look at her work on YouTube and then buying a video or two if you like them. :)

On occasion I’ve been taking a picture of myself with Photo Booth on my Mac to track visual progress of my success.

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Nerdy Fitness Progress


This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen promoting the need for us as humans to reconnect with each other.  I work for a distributed company and I call tell you, we realize the importance of face to face interaction.  Also we need to make sure we’re connecting not just to our friends, family and other humans but also our pets.  It’s so easy to ignore them when you’re tied into an electronic device all day long.  They need love too :).