Cannot Get Mail error message

Cannot Get Mail error with Gmail on iOS 9

I keep getting this error message on my iOS 9 device:

Cannot Get Mail - The mail server is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings.

Cannot Get Mail – The mail server “” is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings.

This randomly pops up on my iPhone for only one of the two Gmail accounts I have configured. The first account is an account and this one is a Google Apps account.

There are only two ways I have found that resolve the problem:

  • Reboot the phone (seriously).
  • Delete and re-add the account.

I do not have two-step turned on and my account has not been locked by Google requiring the steps here to be followed.

I’m kind of stumped but it appears I’m not alone. There are a TON of posts about this.

Next time it happens I’m going to grab console logs off the device to get a better idea of what is going on.


Tater Tot Waffles

So this happened this morning:



My secret? Thaw the tots in the microwave first but don’t get them too hot. Line up the tots on the waffle iron. Any tots that got too hot the microwave will be breaking apart – sprinkle those over the rest to cement them together. Close the iron and squeeze it until the form takes. It took a while for the moisture to cook out of the tots – probably 5 minutes or more.

Garnish with salt, maple syrup or ketchup and you’re golden!


I Nearly Passed Out Today

I had my annual blood work scheduled for today – but I couldn’t get an appointment until 9:40am. Having to fast overnight and wait to well past my breakfast time was annoying. I decided to keep my schedule the same this morning sans food and coffee.

I walked and worked on my treadmill desk for a little under two hours before the appointment. I felt good, drank enough water but noticed I was hungrier than normal before leaving. I had an appointment right before my blood work elsewhere so I left the house around 9am.

I didn’t wait long to get into the lab – only a few minutes past my appointment time. I got in, sat down and a pleasant female tech verified my information. I was glad to get her as the other phlebotomist looked mean and stabby (well, stabbier than a phlebotomist is with a needle.)

I was then introduced to a student nurse and was asked if it was okay if he tried to do the blood samples. I hesitated at first but then figured what the heck. It’s a needle and I normally watch blood draws anyway.

He inserted the needle well and I tried to help calm his nerves. The first tube went well but when he was putting the second tube on I saw the needle come out enough to see the hole at the end of the needle. The tube lost its vacuum and the sample was tossed. The tech ended up taking over and said we would go for the other arm.

It was at the point I started to feel weird. I was clammy and getting signs of nausea. I attributed it to nerves possibly even though I felt completely at east with working with the student. She took the second sample and right before it finished she looked at me and told me I didn’t look good – flushed and sweaty.

She was super nice and told me to put my head down on my hand. She even brought over a cold cloth and an orange juice. At no point was I rushed out. I even made sure to tell the student it wasn’t his fault! :)

What a strange reaction. I definitely did not like the feeling of something happening to me that I had no real control over. I suspect it was a combination of a vasovagal response and then the low level panic of the whole thing at the same time.

However, next time I get blood drawn I’ll make sure to not work out in the morning before the test!


Committing to a no-commit Saturday

I wasn’t trying to accomplish this but it looks like I don’t commit code on Saturdays all that often. I like it.

screenshot of my GitHub profile showing a visualization of commit history with barely any activity on Saturday

I am a geek through and through but even I need days to switch gears. Always doing the same thing all the time gets old. Saturdays are usually filled with non-tech things like knitting, visiting with family and friends, bike rides and a ton of camping in the summer. :)


One of my favorite shots taken in Park City, Utah during a bike ride.

Spray paint graffiti stating Live for Something


Live For Something